About us

Making Large-scale Renewable Energy Projects Happen

Energy markets are transitioning to renewable sources. As industry specialists, we can help to accelerate this evolution through hands-on, innovative development. At Source Galileo, we have the resources, people, expertise, and industry insight to plan, develop, and deliver world-class renewable energy projects.

mountains and lake
Two workers looking at an offshore wind farm
What we do

We develop projects by working closely with stakeholders, governments, and communities, taking renewable energy projects from initial ideas into fully fledged, finished sites. We listen closely, build partnerships, manage relationships, and apply all our experience to make large-scale renewable projects happen.

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Who we are

Our team has decades of expertise in international energy development. We focus on offshore wind farm development but we have the know-how, insight, and skillsets to convert renewable energy potential into power in millions of homes and businesses across Europe. We are also developing a portfolio of onshore battery storage and solar projects.

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Source Galileo Norge

Our Norwegian team is led by industry veteran Gunnar Birkeland and is developing floating offshore wind projects that have the potential to transform renewable energy supply in Norway.