Governments should enable energy developers to deliver

May 12th 2023

November 4, 2021.  As world leaders leave the COP26 event, with varying levels of commitment to hold the World’s climate to less than 1.5°C increase, the practical implementation of achieving these goals within the area of energy once again falls to developers like Source Energie.


Close up of a wind turbine
Offshore wind turbines such as these can be be developed quickly if policy permits

All of solar, wind and energy storage now have the capability to participate in the energy future without need for subsidies and with the ability to provide firm non intermittent energy to industries and consumers.

Source already is developing enough energy projects to supply the energy requirements for over 10 million people. For these and similar projects to be built
before 2030 project developers require simply a straightforward process to permit, and bring the project rights to ready to build and further to commercial operations.

Governments should allow experienced project originators to continue to originate, permit, build and connect energy projects to the energy grid, by ensuring simple, safe, dependable processes for energy project development, backed up by a straightforward tax on carbon from fossil fuels, either as supplied to the energy grid or imported into their markets in manufactured products or food.

In anticipation of this benign environmental agenda signalled by COP26, Source Energie will continue to invest in its project development pipeline, and the necessary enabling technologies.